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B2C is an altcoin created from the bitcoin source code; however,
using the Scrypt algorithm and the 2-minute block generation time, rather than the SHA-256 and 10-minute pattern used by Bitcoin.

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0% target raised
1 Bitcoin = $ 0,25 dólares = 1 B2C

We have successfully managed to get here. Join us for an even bigger discount!

  • Pre sale will begin in Jul/2019
  • Main sale will begin in Jul/2020
  • Open mining will begin in Jan/2021
  • The number of available tokens for this ICO is 150 million B2C
  • $30 minimum purchase to convert BTC into B2C

What is an ICO

ICO is an Initial Coin Offering.
It is a way in which a new cryptocurrency venture or project can raise funds by selling "newly minted" coins.

B2CCoin's aim is to be one of the most used payment methods when acquiring products and services; providing a simple and easy access to a valuable asset, by making a safe and reliable payment. It can be acquired, settled and used worldwide with no effort; through the market itself.

The purpose of B2Ccoin is to create a high-potential cryptocurrency, based on its trading power, valued by parameters that prevent price manipulation. This will make B2C a strong cryptocurrency with, at the same time, high transaction speed and low commercial rates. B2C is projected to facilitate business operations in the cryptocurrency world, and also attract consumers and suppliers due to its operational safety and added value.

What is Crypto?
How it works


Shopping using bitcoins used to be easier, but rates got so high that people stopped doing it. This is why they started migrating to different cryptocurrencies.
That's why people started to switch to other criptomoedas.


The market rules rates value. Regarding Bitcoins, rates increased because some users wanted to restrict the network transactions to 2 thousand people every 10 minutes. If transactions exceeded this number, users needed to bid against each other and those who paid higher rates to miners could effectively use the network. This way, the value reached on average $50 dollars, making impossible any kind of transaction that did not highly exceed the regular rate value.



It is necessary that people use cryptocoins on the market, not just for speculation. People only use a currency if it is stable, and a currency is only stable because people use it. It is a cycle. Therefore, markets need to adopt cryptocurrencies even if there are many rates ups and downs. The general trend is high.

Today, retailers want to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies, but it is not enough. We need the cryptocurrencies to replace the current payment methods that charge very high rates, like credit cards. It has to be fast, cheap and reliable, and that people want to use it on a daily basis. We are developing the tools to make this come true; since this is our goal: to make B2CCOIN a cryptocoin accessible for anyone to daily use it, either in physical or online establishments.

Crypto ico App


B2CCOIN developed its own Web Wallet for you to store your private and public keys that can be used for buying or selling your cryptocoins.

APP Soon

Soon, apart from the Web Wallet, B2CCOIN will launch an Android and IOS application that will greatly facilitate your transactions follow-up. The distinctive aspect of our ICO project is the possibility for local traders to have a POSC machine that accepts both BTC and C2CCOIN cryptocurrencies.

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15 Jan 2018
Project development:
10 out 2018
Development of
POSC technology
with own resources
May 2018

beta version for testing:
10 jan 2019
10 fev 2019
Business plan validation: Crypto Ico
10 fev 2019
Beginning of the expansion plan:
10 abr 2019
Review and audit tests:
10 mai 2019
Implementation of POSC technology
16 jul 2019
ICO project launch:
16 jul 2019
ICO 1st Stage
(pre sale):
17 jul 2019
ICO pre-sale launch:
27 jun 2019 - master nodes16 jan 2021 - public sale launch
Beginning of open mining:
16 jan 2020
ICO 2st Stage
(public sale):
16 jul 2020
ICO 3rd Stage
(main sale):
Token Stats

Token distribution

ICO usually occurs before the project completion and it helps to defray the expenses
generated by the founding team until its launch. For some of the larger projects.


ICOs are a new world trend, intended to raise funds to finance projects, by launching "currencies" - cryptoactives.

The amount raised by B2C via ICO will be used to expand the accredited network, on marketing campaigns and to spread the use of cryptocoins on the real / virtual market. That will be the main gateway to B2C in this niche and the motivating force to consolidate this payment method as popular, extremely safe, cheap and useful.

ICO 1st Stage: $ 0.25 Dollar = 1 B2C

ICO 2nd Stage: $ 0.45 Dollar = 1 B2C

ICO 3rd Stage: $ 0.65 Dollar = 1 B2C



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